About Us

Columbia Vista Corporation began in 1952. Early on the company produced green Douglas Fir and Hemlock studs. Beginning in the late 1980’s the mill was remodeled to become a Japanese cutting mill. By doing this we were able to manufacture in metric dimensions and market materials throughout the world.

The company added dry kilns in 1989 and a dry planing mill, Columbia Vista Fruit Valley, in 2004. The addition of these operational assets allowed the company to expand its product lines and markets further.

Today, we continue marketing our strengths to Japan and the utility industry with our emphasis of quality people making quality products for the future. Other new markets, such as China are gathering interest.

Both plants are operated on a one shift basis with the focus being on quality and consistency of production. These plants are constantly upgraded and modernized to allow the company to be competitive in the world markets. The mill has state of the art 3-D scanning systems and mechanized lumber handling systems.

The company produces over 60 million board feet of lumber on a one shift schedule with the majority of all our products being kiln dried.

Additionally, the company participates in numerous best management practices and programs that can be viewed under our sustainability and certifications links. We at Columbia Vista take extreme pride in our people, product, and programs.