Columbia Vista Corporation’s dedication to Safety, the Environment, and Quality Control is reflected through our participation in local, state, and federal certifications that encourage continuous improvement, employee participation and growth, results driven problem solving, accountability, and corporate responsibility.

VPP Star – Safety

VPP Star - Safety

On September 1, 2005, Columbia Vista Corp achieved the prestigious VPP STAR status.   VPP is the Voluntary Protection Program sponsored by the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).  The plan is administered under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA), by Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries (L&I).  VPP STAR is the highest level of safety certification that is available through OSHA.

Columbia Vista earned its VPP STAR through commitment, leadership, and extensive employee participation in developing a continuously improving safety and health program.   VPP is designed to recognize and promote effective safety and health program management.

Columbia Vista maintains the program by conducting annual self-evaluations on their safety and health programs.  There is a comprehensive onsite review every 3 years by WISHA Safety, Ergonomic, and Industrial Hygienist professionals.   CVC was re-evaluated on January 13-16, 2009 and was re-certified by WISHA.  We were given Best Practices Awards for the CVC Leadership Development Group, Columbia Vista Corporation University (CVCU) and the Wellness program.  Noteworthy were Housekeeping, Traffic Flow and General Communication.  Of the 21 companies in Washington State that have met the stringent requirements for this program less than 11 have been re-certified.  Approximately 1,700 sites nationally have achieved this elite VPP status.

Environmental Management System

EMS is our Environmental Management System, Developed through 15 years of ISO 14001 certification and based on the ISO 14001.

The EMS is designed to allow our organization to systematically manage its environmental aspects.

The benefits of having an EMS include: enhanced legal compliance, pollution prevention, resource conservation, and raised employee awareness about environmental issues.

“Our environmental management plan calls for at least 65 % of all our open market log purchases to be from SFI, FSC or other certified forests. In 2014, over 95% of all logs met these criteria. We are audited by internal committees as well as external environmental risk and safety professionals.”

Quality Management System

Quality Management System CertificationQMS is a Quality Management System, certified and biannually audited through the WWPA (Western Wood Products Association).

Our QMS program is based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and is a structured for finding better ways to make better products through quality management and process control.

Through the QMS program CVC commits to continual improvement in lumber and secondary manufacturing quality while giving equal consideration to lumber production and profitability. This is achieved by consistently producing quality products, optimizing available resources and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) provides Quality Control Certification and lumber grading and technical support services to their member mills. Columbia Vista Corporation has been awarded certification in their Quality Management System program as well individual and company HI-Q awards. The HI-Q recognizes and rewards proficiency among a mill’s certified graders. It provides an incentive for graders to strive for the highest possible grading proficiency.

Columbia Vista has a minimum of 75% of the inspected volume graded by employee HI-Q qualifiers, a strict requirement for achieving this award.