Core Values

Columbia Vista Corporation, its employees and its owners are guided by a set of core values that form the framework of our company today and provide a direction for the future.

  1. Our key value is the investment we make in the individual to allow each person to grow and achieve their maximum potential.
  2. We are driven by continuous improvement of all of our systems, equipment and thoughts.
  3. Honesty and integrity are critical for the present and our future.
  4. We are guided by looking for ways to maximize the use of company resources to provide for a stable place of employment as well as being a reliable partner for our suppliers and customers.
  5. Safety is the cornerstone of our beliefs. We are champions of safety and it will always come before production.
  6. We value open communication and encourage everyone to listen and communicate with respect.
  7. Accountability for our behaviors and performance is critical as a component of our value system. We encourage teamwork and personal responsibility as the main element in making a strong company.