Vision Statement

2014 Vision Statement

Columbia Vista Corporation’s programs promote self-reliance and innovation that create an enviable culture and product. We lead the industry in high safety standards and Environmental Stewardship. With our excellent streamlined systems and communication, we work together to provide our global customers the highest value product. Our values are on time delivery and better consistency of quality than our competition. Right First Time allows us to be highly profitable so that we have a greater ability to re-invest in our people, our business and our community while celebrating our success along the way.

2018 Vision Statement

Columbia Vista Corporation is the premier Douglas Fir lumber manufacturer in the world. Our product is without equal in its superior quality and on time delivery. With our bottom up management style, our dynamic and adaptable employees are continually striving for improvement of both systems and individual development. All employees are now masters of self-reliance. We are currently at 3,500 days without a time loss injury thus we continue to be the industry leaders in Safety. All sales are now 100% environmentally certified and our Global Stewardship is second to none. We have remained highly profitable and have invested heavily in our people, our business and our community. As our successes have been numerous so have our celebrations.